Meanwhile ...

" L'innovation n'a lieu d'être qu'à la condition qu'elle soit au service de l'Être " , Sacha Stojanovic.

Meanwhile implements solutions so that “meanwhile”, Women and Men can do something much more interesting and relevant …

 “Innovation takes place only if it is in the service of the Human Being ” , Sacha Stojanovic.

Meanwhile SAS is a French company created in 2017 by 7 associates who share a common vision.

We are experts in robotics, automation, computer science and offers “for Human” solutions.

Nowadays, it is not conceivable to propose « humanless » systems without considering women and men, their experiences, their knowledge, and their values they represent in the company.
They built the history of the industry, and so they’re going to build its future. Industrial Machines will only serve the human being.
And this is the reason why (between others) Meanwhile hasn’t the will to develop robotic Android solutions: Their similarities with the human being cast doubts in our minds.
Machine mustn’t replace, but on the contrary, to help people in their professional and personal daily life.

Meanwhile took a leader position in the field of collaborative robotics

*This new robotic generation based on recent technological and legislative breaks correspond to Meanwhile’s founders, employees, shareholders and collaborators values.
It allows a cohabitation and/or collaboration between the machine and the users.
Meanwhile is about two fields: Autonomous Collaborative Mobile Robotics and poly-Articulated collaborative robotics.
Meanwhile is already a partner of the Omron company for the deployment of solutions based on the new LD-Series by Omron technology in various sectors: The hospital sector, the High-Rise buildings, the manufacturing industries.

  • Eva

    Collaborative Robotics Project Leader

  • Charlotte

    Marketing & Communication

  • Camille

    Control Engineer

  • Yohann

    Robotic Designer

  • Fabien

    C.T.O. Robotics Engineer

  • Guillaume

    Mechanical Design Manager

  • Sacha


  • Sidoine

    Ingénieur Informatique Electronique

  • INSA Valor new shareholder in Meanwhile SAS France

    INSA Valor joins the shareholders of Meanwhile SAS France on the occasion of the second fundraising.

    The new share capital of Meanwhile SAS France will now be € 208,915.

  • BPI France supports Meanwhile SAS France

    BPI France has decided to officially support the project “The original Conveyor” designed by Meanwhile.

    This solution will be marketed from November 2018.

  • Meanwhile labeled Novacité

    Meanwhile is now labeled Novacité.

    The Novacité accelerator was founded in 1987, on the common will of the CCI LYON METROPOLE and the LYON Métropole, to facilitate the emergence and growth of innovative companies generating high added value. With 30 years of experience, Novacité is today the accelerator of the high-potential Start-Up of CCI LYON METROPOLE.